Our Testimonials

Diane, I wanted to let you know how impressed the nurses and trainees were with your class!  Definitely want to schedule you for this on a yearly basis!  Thank you so much for everything!”


“Hello Diane,  Just a little note with a “BIG THANK YOU! for the wonderful CPR/First Aid presentation!  You are so nice to work with, and all the staff enjoys and learns so much!  Thanks for all you do for our school and community.  Have a blessed year!”


“Your team of Jennifer and Tom who were here today, were totally amazing!  We really liked Tom’s approach, information mixed with humor, and especially with why we do what we are supposed to do.  We all got alot out of it and feel we are ready for the school year!”


“Jen was great!  And so nice! She was very informative and great at talking about First Aid that would pertain to us.  She’s a keeper!”


“I got alot of positive feedback about Jim!”


“Jen was awesome, she did an amazing job!!


“Thank you so much!!!  Your team is what we have been looking for in training. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about your organization.  I was so happy with the way things went all three days.  Your guys kept everyone interested and were so well informed. Please tell them thank you, for all they do every day helping others in our community. I can’t wait to work with you in the future.”


“Hey Diane!! Everyone enjoyed the training. I did not hear one negative thing. I kept hearing how smoothly everything went, how quickly the time passed, they felt they learned alot and also multiple times how your group was so nice and helpful!!:)  Thank you so much for everything!  Look forward to working with you again next year!”

"Large Group" October 2017

“Thank you for providing the CPR/AED/First Aid Training last Thursday!  I heard many positive comments!”

October 2017

“Your training was wonderful! We enjoyed Tom & Jennifer with us today! The feedback was overwhelming. They were engaging, knowledgeable, hilarious and did such a great job training us!  Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again in the near future!!”


August 2017

Diane was friendly, professional, and made the course easy to understand.


To the point, easy to understand, very empowering!


Thank you for all of your expertise. Almost as soon as the class was over we were receiving e-mails telling how much they enjoyed the class


Thanks so much for the wonderful class on Tuesday! A few of my teachers specifically said to me how great the class was. They felt that after that class, they really “get it”! I agree!


Best CPR teachers ever! My office has used them for years and have referred them to many other offices as well. ~ Jeannie H.

Jeannie H